Spotlight on: MicroEssentials®
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Spotlight on: MicroEssentials®

March 01, 2018   |   ShareThis

As the leader in smarter crop nutrition, MicroEssentials® provides farmers with superior performance by combining four essential plant nutrients—nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur and zinc—into a uniquely formulated granule creating a single source for balanced crop nutrition, ultimately helping them grow more food.

MicroEssentials was originally developed by Cargill in 2001 by a team of agronomists. Soon after the birth of Mosaic in 2004, we acquired the product and its patent. As we looked to develop our go-to market strategy, MicroEssentials was identified as a possible area of opportunity.

During the early years, Mosaic took a very strategic approach by engaging in a soft launch that included limited access and small-scale marketing campaigns with select customers. Since then, the product has performed better than we could ever have imagined. Recent USDA statistics tell us that we have reached a critical mass, with MicroEssentials being used on over 11 percent of all U.S. farmland. And that number only continues to grow.

And, in 2017, we had a record shipment year of MicroEssentials—shipping over 2.8 million metric tonnes around the world. This significant accomplishment would not have been possible without the hard work of Mosaic employees working together to make sure that shipment schedules are maintained, and high quality MicroEssentials is moved from our plants to our customers on time.

These 2.8 million metric tonnes of MicroEssentials will help farmers around the world increase their yields in a sustainable way—meeting the nutritional demands of a quickly growing population.

What makes MicroEssentials unique?

MicroEssentials is more than a fertilizer product. It’s an innovative way of thinking about crop nutrition—a technology that’s engineered to bring together three dimensions of smarter crop nutrition:

  1. Uniform nutrient distribution
  2. Increased nutrient uptake
  3. Season-long sulfur availability

MicroEssentials allows retailers to approach balanced crop nutrition in a way that’s more unique than simply using commodity phosphates. It helps them more efficiently manage the nutrients applied to the soil, and provides the differentiation, sustainability and profitability our customers are looking for in a branded product. Simply put, it provides a grower with increased yields over traditional DAP and MAP.

Did you know…there are four formulations, or types, of MicroEssentials®?

We produce the largest volume of MicroEssentials SZ®, which is used on corn, wheat, rice, soybeans and other crops that require zinc. MicroEssentials S15® is specially designed for use in Western Canada on canola, small grains and lentils and was actually the first MicroEssentials product Mosaic produced. MicroEssentials S10® is an identical formulation to MicroEssentials SZ, but doesn’t include zinc.

We also have a version of MicroEssentials that is unique to Brazil and Latin America—MicroEssentials S9®. It has a higher percentage of elemental sulfur—which is geared towards high rainfall and soils in tropical conditions.

Where do we produce MicroEssentials?

When we started manufacturing MicroEssentials, it was made exclusively at our Riverview and Bartow facilities. Since then, we have expanded our production capabilities to keep up with the growing demand for the premium product.

In 2016, we converted half of the New Wales facility to produce MicroEssentials. Since then, we’ve continued to make investments in the facility, like adding trains that are dedicated to MicroEssentials production. Now, the New Wales facility is the largest producer of MicroEssentials. We also produce MicroEssentials at Bartow, Riverview and Faustina. Producing MicroEssentials at these four facilities in Florida gives us a logistical competitive advantage that our competitors cannot match.

Who are our top customers for MicroEssentials?

Our top retail customers also recognize the value an innovative crop nutrition product like MicroEssentials can make in their pursuit of higher yields. Similar to the innovative spirit of MicroEssentials, our retail customers are innovative in their crop nutrition practices and believe in the power of micronutrients.

In North America, our top strategic retailers include: CHS, Richardson Pioneer, Crop Production Services and Cargill, Ltd.

Where do we sell the most MicroEssentials?

For the past few years, Brazil has been the fastest growing market for our premium products—including MicroEssentials. In 2016 alone, MicroEssentias sales in Brazil and Paraguay grew 78 percent over 2015 sales. And we only expect sales to grow in the coming years as Brazil continues to develop into an agricultural powerhouse.

We’ve also seen solid growth in Argentina, Australia, Chile and Mexico.