Grouting Close to Completion at New Wales Sinkhole in Florida
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Grouting Close to Completion at New Wales Sinkhole in Florida

February 23, 2018   |   ShareThis

Watch as Vaibhav Haldavnekar, Lead Engineer, explains the final stages of grouting.

Work is now underway to fill the last of 67 deep grout holes at the New Wales, Florida, sinkhole. When that is complete, upper portions of the cavity will be filled to close the hole and level the surface above the repairs.

“More than 330,000 hours have been worked to get us to this point, and we’re proud – not only of the job we’ve done – but also about the commitment to safety we’ve shown,” said Alan Pratt, Senior Manager Consultant – Health, Safety, Security. “There are multiple risks associated with the remediation work we’re doing – including use of multiple pieces of heavy, specialized equipment, multiple contractor entities, strenuous physical demands, and tight schedules – but we’ve had no recordable injuries since July 2017.”

Congratulations and thanks to all our employees and contractors who have helped along the way as we’ve worked to safely repair the sinkhole.

Well Water Testing Have Continued to Show No Impact from the Sinkhole

Testing of private residential drinking water wells located within a four-mile radius of the sinkhole was conducted on a quarterly basis throughout 2017 for residents who requested sampling. These tests have continued to show no impacts from the sinkhole. Testing will continue semiannually in 2018.