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The Mosaic Express

The Mosaic Express is an interactive phosphate industry experience on wheels. This custom 42-foot motor coach provides children and adults with an educational journey through the history, operations and benefits of Florida phosphate and its importance to global farming and food production.

The interactive exhibit encourages visitors to push buttons, spin wheels and slide panels to reveal narrative and moving images - creating a dynamic and memorable experience for all ages. The Mosaic Express incorporates agriculture, geology, biology, ecology and engineering - all disciplines that play a role in our phosphate mining and fertilizer production business.

The Mosaic Express was developed in partnership with Creative Arts Unlimited, Inc. of Pinellas Park, and debuted in 2010. The Mosaic Express has a wheelchair lift and meets ADA requirements for accessibility.

To see a preview of the exhibits inside The Mosaic Express, click here.

The Mosaic Express visits pre-approved educational events in Hardee, Manatee, DeSoto, Charlotte, Polk and Hillsborough.  Please check the schedule for periodic updates, or speak with the public affairs contact in your community.   

Phosphate Primer

Phosphate Primer Click here for an electronic brochure that provides a primer on phosphate’s role in Florida.